Weather alert: rain and localised flooding likely to continue until tomorrow


JOHANNESBURG — The City Of Johannesburg Emergency Management Services (EMS) are on high alert following weather warning messages about heavy rainfall that includes chances of localised flooding.

Robert Mulaudzi, Joburg EMS-spokesperson said that Gauteng is officially entering the thunderstorm season and residents are therefore encouraged to follow news outlets about any warnings that might be distributed via these different channels.

This follows on previous incidents in which a number of roads were flooded and where vehicles were swept away by strong floods. Motorists and residents are requested to take the necessary safety precautions to monitor water levels and to move to higher levels when there is a need to do so. Motorists are urged to reduce speed and to drive with extra caution since most of the roads are wet and slippery.

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“We therefore urge our residents to be better prepared, since we are told that we might have this persistent rainfall with localised flooding until tomorrow. This morning there was a number of roads which were reported to have flooded which we advice motorists to avoid,” Mulaudzi said.

He said that the city’s 28 Fire Stations are ready for any emergencies and that their rescuers as well as disaster management officials are on high alert throughout the day and overnight monitoring all reported low lying areas.

“We are also monitoring our 189 informal settlements since they are the hardest hit when we have flooding incidents.”