Top 10 gross food facts that might disgust you


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JELLY beans, which is either a fruity or sour sweet that is enjoyed by many, is essentially made from bug excretions.

Yes, the sweet which is uniquely shaped and shiny, needs help from Shellac to maintain its smooth texture. Shellac is made from the excretions of the female lac insect.

Because human beings eat food on a daily basis in order to be sustained and gain energy, so often research on specific foods is overlooked.

Do not fret though, as the Voice has done a bit of research for you regarding foods one regularly eats and we have to admit; we were pretty grossed out by it.

Here are the top ten gross foods you might want to rethink ever eating again:

1. Red meat might not be as fresh as you think. A lot of meat is treated with carbon monoxide to prevent it from changing colour. This may not mean the meat is bad, but it may not be as fresh as you are made to believe.

1335988867808_cached2. There is quite a possibility that you may find sand in your salt or packets of soup. Sand is used as an anti-clumping agent and is believed to control humidity. Next time you make you some soup and it has a ‘sandy’ texture, you will know why.

head-buried-in-sand3. Certain fast food salad dressing contains a thickening agent called propylene glycol. This is also an anti-freezing agent. So, if this scares you, then you might just learn the craft of making your own salad dressing.


4. If you don’t know by now and are an avid carbonated drinks lover, please note that each can of drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. This is 100 percent of your recommended daily intake and would immediately make you throw up if it weren’t for phosphoric acid — an ingredient that cuts the sweetness to manageable levels.

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5. Processed cheese contains less than 51 percent cheese. Ever wondered why people say processed or pasteurised cheese is bad for you? Well now you know not to wonder any further. It includes flavourings and chemicals which basically makes up only 49 per cent of the final product. So next time, try not to choose the cheaper option.shutterstock_108703175-920x920

6. Chicken nuggets are apparently not made from real chicken. It is a sludge of pink paste in its natural form. So, through a process called mechanical separation, which is cost-effective to de-bone, this leads to excessive bacteria.


7. In America, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws allow for an average of 30 insect fragments per 100 grams of peanut butter.

8. According to an online article, the meat/farming industry has become reliant on antibiotics for animals. Which could mean that some of the meat you are eating, may have come from an animal who was sick.


9. If raspberry and vanilla are your favourite ice-cream flavours then you might like to know that an ingredient in those flavours is the anal and urine excrement of a beaver. The additive is called castoreum, which is the excrement from a beaver’s castor sacs. Not only is it used in ice-creams but iced tea, yoghurt and gelatin too.


10. Certain fast food outlets are substituting real strawberries with various chemicals — 50 to be exact. Ever wondered how certain outlets sell strawberry milkshake when it isn’t the season for strawberries? Well, this delicious fruit can be pricey and because of that, chemicals such as ethyl acetate, phenythyl alcohol and solvent are used to imitate the flavour of real strawberries.



Have you also recently found out something awful about the food you eat? Or has reading this article made you want to quit or continue eating some of the foods mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below.