“This is not your place for crime!” warns Neighbourhood Watch

The West Village Neighbourhood Watch is ready to keep criminals out from their area.

WEST VILLAGE — Criminals watch out!

This is West Village Neighbourhood Watch’s message to prospective criminals who even think of planning to commit any crime in this area.

Gary Badenhorst, chairman of the neighbourhood watch says they currently have 15 members who keep their eyes and ears on the ground in a bid to ensure the safety of the nearly 400 residents living in the area.

But he confessed that it is not always easy as alleged criminals are now legally living among them.

“We have a serious influx of drugs in our area due to home owners renting out their property to anyone who has an interest in renting it; they do not care whether it is alleged drug dealers living there.”

Badenhorst said that the police have been contacted several times together with the help of the local Community Policing Forum (CPF) and that raids was done before to assist in getting this criminal element out.

“Unfortunately this crime is still ongoing as we still see suspicious vehicles entering the area, mostly coming from other areas.”

He says that their members are being trained to spot any suspicious vehicles, activity or persons where after they will investigate.

Another concern is the increase of daytime robberies as well as robberies during the night. Badenhorst says that police are allegedly scared to come to their area at night due to a lack of street lights.

“This is of great concern as police do not want to come here at night and ambulance services find it very frustrating to find addresses in the event of a serious incident.”

He says despite these challenges the neighbourhood watch is making progress but feel that they will be able to do so much more with the help of the community.

Residents who want to become members or want to be involved in any way can find the sign-up forms at most of the tuck-shops inside the village. Any emergency related queries can be forwarded to 062 258 5196 which is capable of handling any queries any time of the day.

Fees for joining is R50 where after it is only R60 per month to ensure your safety.