Squelchy sarmies in the lunchbox? Not on our watch!

BACK TO THE OFFICE: Try these delicious recipes. Photo: Submitted.
BACK TO THE OFFICE: Try these delicious recipes. Photo: Submitted.

WHETHER YOU want to beat the afternoon office slump or make sure that the kids have enough energy to keep them going throughout the afternoon, make sure your lunchboxes are packed with healthy delicious snacks, fibre and blood sugar-balancing ingredients.

Couscous and quinoa are excellent lunchbox alternatives and a far cry from the soggy sandwich! They’re not only healthy, flavourful and filling but making a nutrient packed salad with either ingredient is a singe and kids will love the mix of bright colours while completely missing the fact that they are having their veggies. Also, If you need to convince the man in your life to replace sandwiches with something a bit healthier and alternative, here’s a heads-up: Quinoa is a gluten free protein making it the perfect addition to the lunch box of any guy trying to build lean muscle using natural ingredients! Lotto numbers line up!

And if this isn’t enough good news, we’re delighted to tell you that Tipiak, a leading quality gourmet style French food company, now offers a range of fragrant couscous and quinoa options that taste as delicious cold as they do hot. So, save even more time by making a batch on the weekend, keeping it in the fridge and quickly popping in some fresh ingredients on a weekday morning for the ultimate lunchbox in minutes.

Naturally you’ll need recipes to go with your favourite Tipiak couscous or quinoa… here they are!

Office Lunch horizontal 2

Couscous, courgette and yellow pepper salad

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 12 minutes

Tipiak Provencal Style couscous: 1 sachet, Cooked according to pack instructions

Olive oil: a drizzle

Courgette: 2 thinly sliced lengthways

Yellow pepper: ½, sliced

Feta cheese: 1 round, crumbled

Rocket: 1 handful

1 Drizzle the olive oil over the courgettes and yellow pepper, place onto a griddle pan and grill on both sides.

2 Toss the couscous, courgette, pepper, feta and rocket together.

3 Place in to a takeaway container, pack and go.

Office lunch with fruit horizontal

Couscous, mixed berry, nut and honey salad

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 7 minutes

Tipiak wholewheat couscous: 1 sachet, cooked according to pack instructions

Mixed berries: ½ punnet

Cherries: 1 handful

Nuts: 1 handful, chopped

Honey: a drizzle

1 Toss the couscous, berries, cherries, and nuts together.

2 Drizzle with honey, place into a lunchbox, pack and go.