[VIDEO]: Speeding bumps wanted after near-fatal Witpoortjie car crash

The remains of a wrecked Volkswagen Golf after being involved in a crash in Witpoortjie.

Three people were injured in a near-fatal car crash at the corner of Nassau and Oranje Street in Witpoortjie earlier this evening involving two cars.

It is believed that the driver of a speeding Volkswagen Golf crashed into a Chryser Valiant when the driver wanted to cross over into Nassau Street from Oranje Street.

Carike Weber, a resident of Nassau Street says seeing or hearing of accidents that is happening on this road is no longer something to be shocked of.

“It is happening so frequently that there is nothing to be shocked about, in fact when I do hear a crash, all I hope for is that it is not my wall.”

She said the night is usually the worst as it is when the road is turned into a racing track.

The Chrysler Valiant that were crashed into before the Volkswagen Golf came to a standstill a few meters further.
The Chrysler Valiant that were crashed into before the Volkswagen Golf came to a standstill a few meters further.

“There must have been some speed involved. Drivers can easily drive more than 80km on this road that is actually a 60km per hour zone after driving past the traffic light situated at Dromedaris Street.”

According to Google Maps this is a distance of 450 meter.

Ds Philip Voigt from the NG Kerk Culembeeck who lives opposite Mc Grath Avenue and Nassau Street said more speed bumps on this road is necessary as he has witnessed too many accidents occurring on this road.

Earlier in March a driver was fatally injured after driving through his double garage, causing damage worth thousands. More than a month later another vehicle crashed into his property before coming to a standstill at a tree.

“The speed bumps and barriers that were since erected by the Johannesburg City Council on Mc Grath Avenue is very efficient,” Voigt said.

René Benjamin, DA ward councillor for Ward 72, said something must be urgently done as the situation is getting out of hand.

“There is a school just down the road. You know there is a problem when even the lady who is doing road patrols struggle to help the children over the road. The cars move at such a high speed, you barely see the colour of the vehicle.”

Benjamin said a viable solution is to erect speed bumps in the road, and more so at the pedestrian crossing.

“When there is speed bumps in the road cars will be more reluctant to speed. I will arrange a petition for this to be done.”

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Emergency Medical Services such as Joburg EMS, ER24, QRS and Netcare 911 were quickly on the scene to assist the drivers who sustained minor injuries.

Benjamin wants to also thank the Witpoortjie Neighbourhood Watch who were redirecting oncoming traffic.

The scene of the accident this evening: