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KRUGERSDORP – Print media is in decline year after year due to the rapid popularity of the modern digital era, therefore it is safe to say that they can no longer keep up with the demands that is being provided by its digital counterparts.

(Read more about this here: ABC Analysis Q3 2016: The biggest-circulating newspapers in SA)

The same, however, almost applies to online publications and that’s why the decision was recently taken to temporarily suspend, one of DigitNews (Pty) Ltd’s publications.

(See this video of where journalism and the media is heading, do you see any similarities here?)

Jacobus Myburgh, managing director and editor of this publication sums it up as follow: “readers’ needs have changed, but the needs of local businesses have also changed – without the support of local businesses, it is not economically feasible for a publication to operate where news coverage is already taking a big financial bite out of budgets.”

Myburgh, however, sees this move as being like a game of chess where the queen has to be swept from the chessboard in order to protect the king of victory by the opponent.

“Chess players know very well that the queen will probably not disappear completely from the chessboard and that she has the ability to make her reappearance when one of the soldiers manages to reach the last square on the last row, ensuring this move to be achieved.

“This is what is happening here; has to make way for one of DigitNews‘s new products,,” said Myburgh.

He mentioned that the period in which the online publication was run, it manged to give him new insights into what the wider market was interested in.

“As being one of the top sites in the country, being one of the top 10,000 sites within several months, we have now lately seen that the market is ready for new challenges and other ideas,” Myburgh also said.

He said there are numerous online publications covering issues in the community, especially in Krugersdorp (where the publication’s footprint currently is), but that there are few publications that really place emphasis on local businesses and the good news that they produce.

“This good news is too often overshadowed by bad news, or as we know it in journalism talk, hard and crime news. There is not enough focus on polishing local businesses and to inform communities about them.”

Myburgh said after visiting a local hotel and restaurant in Viljoen Street recently, he was told that, despite the fact that this business has being operating in town for many years and also being along one of the town’s busiest streets, there are still longtime residents who do not know of their existence. This was recently confirmed when Myburgh spoke with a local resident and learned that this resident was quite surprised himself that he had never heard about this business.

“That’s why it was decided to establish to provide local businesses the necessary exposure to not only increase their business but their digital footprint as well,” said Myburgh.

As a taste of what is on offer to clients and visitors at a fee of about R500 (excluding VAT), we have compiled several examples of what is in store and what makes us different from the rest.

Take a look at these examples here:

Krugersdorp Food Emporium

Krugersdorp Plumbing 24/7

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