McCain Oven Chips gets a crisp new look and makes a tasty transformation

DELICIOUS: These delicious oven baked chips is a must! Photo: Submitted.
DELICIOUS: These delicious oven baked chips is a must! Photo: Submitted.

McCain South Africa is proud to announce the launch of the new McCain Crispy Oven Chips range. With a new look and a delectable taste the new McCain Crispy Oven Chips range offers moms and kids a chip that is crispy, tasty and delicious to eat.

The new Crispy Oven Chips range is bringing crispiness back to kitchens across South Africa. There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a crispy chip and having the inside be soft and fluffy, the new Crispy Oven Chips range offers just this. Not only are McCain’s new Crispy Oven Chips crispy but they also have a great new look, the thicker and longer steakhouse cut will have the whole family wanting more.

McCain is proud to be the first in South Africa to introduce you to two delicious new Crispy Oven Chip flavours. The two flavours include a spicy Texan BBQ, which has a delicious smokey flavour, and Sea Salt and Pepper which has a subtle taste of cracked black pepper and sea salt. Both the new flavours will add a little something special to lunch and dinner times. If you aren’t the adventurous type you can always stick with the deliciously Crispy Steakhouse Oven Chips and the Crispy Crinkle Cut Oven Chips which will always be a winner at home.

The good news doesn’t stop here, the cooking time has been cut down from 20 minutes to just 10 minutes. So mom, dad and the kids can have Crispy Oven Chips on the table in no time avoiding the hunger scramble around dinner or lunch time. The quick cooking time and the fact that no oil needs to be used for cooking these chips also means that mom can let the older kids whip these up themselves.

NEW FLAVOUR: The Texan BBQ, which has a delicious smokey flavour,is one of the new flavours that was recently launched. Photo: Submitted.
“We are excited about our new Crispy Oven Chips! This range of chips not only delivers on a crisp delicious taste, but it will also fit into moms’ and kids’ lifestyles. We do however feel that it is necessary to let mom know about the after effects of trying our new Crispy Oven Chips – the chips taste so good that the kids are not going to want to share with anyone, not with dad, not with their siblings, not even with their pets. This means that mom might have to start stocking up on them to keep everyone happy,” says Deolinda Da Costa, Marketing Manager of McCain South Africa.

So next time you are in the freezer isle don’t forget to look out for the new McCain Crispy Oven Chips Range, available in new packaging and retailing at a suggested R32.00. Now every mom can add something deliciously crispy to weekday family meals with McCain Oven Chips.