Labeeqah, the latest addition to the Voice’s menu

WELCOME: Labeeqah Rawood is now part of our menu.
WELCOME: Labeeqah Rawood is now part of our menu.

DO YOU know the difference between Japanese and Chinese cuisine – even when it’s sprinkled, with a bit of South African flavour?

Or maybe you wonder when exactly to order the Rosé, Cabernet or Shiraz from the array selection of wines to complement your French dish of Gigot D’Agneau Pleure.

Don’t fret as yet! Labeeqah Rawood is not only the newest edition to the Krugersdorp Voice’s menu as culinary journalist, but she is here to help you in making the right decision when it comes to food too, finding her feet right into your kitchen.

Labeeqah said she is looking forward to writing and finding you (our reader) all the latest news in the culinary industry when she will be visiting various restaurants – and if she can use that charm of hers, maybe get away with a secret recipe, or two, to share.

“I love the restaurant setting. Everything from the moment you enter, to the music in the background, the different choices in the menu’s and the smell of freshly and deliciously prepared dishes.”

She said dining is not just about eating, it also revolves around the experience that one is gaining from it.

“It is one that I have come to appreciate. As a culinary journalist I want to share my experiences with the community.”

But what is Labeeqah up to when she is not thinking about food?

“I nibble on biltong – sorry that is still food right? Alright I love writing and singing. When I am not writing – or eating – I am sleeping and when I am not sleeping I am writing”.

She said she is probably the friendliest person our readers will get to meet, “however if you get on my bad side, I might not share my biltong with you.”

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