Be aware of criminals at schools

STOP: Read these tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime at your child's school. Photo: Pixabay.
STOP: Read these tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime at your child’s school. Photo: Pixabay.

ADT HAVE received a number of requests from the South African Police Services (SAPS) and communities to share some valuable tips regarding safety at your child’s school.

There have been a few isolated incidents of parents who have been robbed of their valuables or vehicles being broken into outside of schools. This most often occurs when parents are picking up or dropping of their children from school, and also when parents leave their vehicles unattended on the side of the road.

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ADT, therefore, urges all parents to be mindful of opportunistic crime at schools and to take the relevant precautions when waiting for your children or attending school events.

Security tips:

  • Where possible park your vehicle inside the school property.
  • Do not leave valuables like handbags, schoolbags, cell phones or sunglasses in view of passersby.
  • Try to park your vehicle as close to the school entrance as possible to prevent your vehicle standing isolated when people leave.
  • If parking at night try to park under or near a street light.
  • Do not sit in your vehicle with the windows open when possible. This makes it easier for smash and grabbers to take advantage.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is properly locked before walking away. Criminals may be using a jammer.

Make sure your children stay in a group and that they do not wait for you alone or at quiet areas away from the school.